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Michael A. Ponzio

Ancestry Novels: History and Historical Fiction of Ponzio, Pontius, Pons and Ponce

Lantern Across the Sea: The Genoese Arbalester

1277 AD: Bastone, a Genoese spy, falls in love with Esmeray, a Greek fisherman’s daughter. In a world of pirates, assassins, slave traders, and family prejudice, they must prevent a history changing catastrophe. The first book of the Lover of the Sea Series.

medieval genoa

Warriors and Monks Series

Count of toulouse medieval Knight

The Count struggles to maintain loyalty to the king, honor his father's dying wish, and defend his realm.

battle of hastings

The sons of Lord Pons of Aquitaine join William the Conqueror to invade England and seek their fortune.

Crusader Monk

Pons, Abbot of Cluny Monastery, is torn amidst his sense of duty, his love for Primavera, and the call to the crusade.

Ancient Rome Series

Julius caesar Roman republic

Aquila refused to show respect during Caesar's Triumph. Would he become one of the dictator's assassins?

Pontius Pilate Jesus

Can Pilatus live with the guilt of condemning Jesus, as his wife secretly attends Christian meetings?

Bishop of Rome Pope

Amid the persecution by the Roman authorities, the Pope fights in street battles against the supporters of the anti-Pope.

War of 1812 General Daniel Davisis

Brigadier General Daniel Davis and the War of 1812:
The Destiny of the Two Swords

Ponzio’s first non-fiction novel follows the remarkable story of frontiersman Daniel Davis as he settles in western New York, rises in the military ranks, and leads an American brigade against the British during the War of 1812.

About the Author

Have you ever wanted to live in another time and place in history? Have you imagined what it would be like to take the place of an ancestor? Michael A. Ponzio’s lifelong experience reading books on history combined with his love for family has inspired him to bring these visions alive, by writing a series of “Ancestry Novels”.

Since childhood, Mike Ponzio has read books about ancient history. He traded books and stories with his father, Joseph E. Ponzio, and they discussed the origins of the family surname. Mike traveled around the Mediterranean to Europe, Asia, and Africa, visiting many of the locations he would later write about. He continues to travel and write Ancestry Novels which he imagines may have taken place during the lives of ancient ancestors.

Mike met his wife, Anne Davis, in 1975 at a University of Florida karate class. Since that time both have taught Cuong Nhu Martial Arts. With John Burns, they wrote and published six instructional books on martial arts weapons. Mike retired in 2015, after working as an environmental engineer for thirty-seven years. Anne and Mike have raised four sons. They are all engineer graduates, following in the footsteps of their Davis and Ponzio grandfathers.

Michael A Ponzio Author
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